I ran 10k or so this morning. It was grim. So grim. I ran it slowly but I wasn’t bothered about the pace. I was only concerned with cadence. That’s all. Just cadence. I don’t need to get any fitter. I’m never going to be as fit as I was when I was younger. I […]

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The Mechanic

Ran 10k yesterday morning. 15 miles this morning. Horrible mish-mash of units of measurement there but I don’t fucking know how many kilometres there are in 15 miles. Just went nice and easy. Tried to keep good form and a high cadence. Calf is still not 100%. Blah blah blah, running running running. Is that […]

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Frig It

The little girl started crying like a mini Gilmour. Its mother tried her best to comfort her but you could see that the mother herself was struggling to keep it together. A seagull was circling the sky above the chips which the race organiser had kindly provided. Most people had lost interest in the chips. They’d […]

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Schwerer Gustav

The Schwerer Gustav was the biggest gun ever. I say was because it’s gone now, destroyed by those Nazi pricks, The Nazis. But don’t cry because there are still big guns left and they were all out last night and I feel enormously privileged to say I was there. Kinda poignant in the week the […]

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2 Shades of Grey

Jersey is very much like Soviet era Germany. We have the West where everything is nice – beaches, parks, trails. Attractive people. A Waitrose.  And it’s sort of like paradise and then we have the East which is a big old shit hole full of goblins and misery and the stench of decay, so of […]

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Been injured lately so haven’t been running much, only about once a day, so there’s been nothing to update on this here site. I didn’t even run at all yesterday because it was raining and today my leg felt a lot better. Better than it has for a couple of weeks. Gilmour’s also coming back from […]

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Giving Up

Leg was sore as fuck on Monday but I ran 10k because I didn’t want to cycle three days in a row. I did the gentle 10k in quite a lot of pain the whole way but that was okay. I expected it to be sore. It’s always sore after a calf injury. I put the […]

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If there’s one thing about me it’s that when I go running I look good. I’m not going to be wearing blue shorts with a green vest, you know? Why have I got running shoes in all the colours of the rainbow? So I can coordinate. Coordinate. A lot of runners in Jersey don’t seem […]

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The Long Walk

How many times have I done that walk over the years? Phew, gotta be coming up for 20 times. Maybe more. Maybe 30. That fucking walk, eyes down at the floor, occasionally glancing at my Garmin to make it look like I might just be resting between intervals. Not that anybody is looking at me. […]

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