Oh Fuck No

I’ll do pretty much anything in the quest to run faster. I’ll eat mince for breakfast every morning. I’ll take as many of my wife’s cancer drugs as my kidneys can handle. I’ll  go out running and take little tiny steps to improve my cadence, I’ll sprint up hills to improve my stride length. I’ll run for […]

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Where are they now?

It’s been a crazy few years, huh? What’s happened? Where is everybody? Turn your chair around, sit on it like you’re a confident cowboy and I’ll tell you. Firstly the big news. Gilmour joined the filth and is now a pig. Hallelujah! Yeah. So he’s not running much. Typical Gilmour. He was okay at running […]

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The Return of UCR

They say horse racing is the sport of kings. They’re wrong, horse racing is for Irish billionaires and English deadbeats. Jesus Christ, you seen them stumbling out of bookies? Not even looking out for  traffic as they reel across the road? Thinking about how they’re going to explain their latest loss? No, horse racing is […]

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There once was a guy called Miles. He had great big ears. His family came over and ran The Tea Garden for the season when me and RamJam used to mess around in St Aubin during school summer holidays. He was pretty cool, Miles was, and then one year he came over and we ignored him. […]

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Been really banking the miles the last few weeks. I’ve been hoping it would pay off. I’ve felt pretty good on it. On the extra miles. Instead of feeling fucked everyday I actually feel pretty fresh. It’s good. I like it and yesterday I was flying. For 12 miles I had been simply running. With Tom. […]

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THIS is what it’s all about, eh? Running in the summer. Proper summer and not the bullshit we’ve had so far. It’s, like, 20 odd degrees. What a great day! It was made even better by the fact Gilmour is in another country so I didn’t have to run with him today. Durr, wonder what he’d […]

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