I ran 10k or so this morning. It was grim. So grim. I ran it slowly but I wasn’t bothered about the pace. I was only concerned with cadence. That’s all. Just cadence. I don’t need to get any fitter. I’m never going to be as fit as I was when I was younger. I just need good form. Cadence is the only way to do that and it’s the only thing you can actually develop. Practise. Learn. Change.

Managed to keep cadence about 180 but it was hard. Really hard. Hardest run I’ve done for a while. Average heart rate was 120. It wasn’t hard that way but it was hard every other way. It’s hard to run slowly and keep a high cadence. Hard but very beneficial, I think.

It was pissing down and windy and cold.

I wore a black Nike base-layer, a pair of black shorts and a Nike T-shirt. The top half of the T-shirt is black, the bottom half is blue. With my black shorts I was concerned it would appear like I was wearing a big blue cummerbund.

Wore my Adidas Takumi Sen shoes. They might be Takumi Rens. I can’t be fucked checking. When I got home my fingers were all puckered, like when you stay in the bath for too long.

I threw away a pair of Saucony Pro Grid Type A5s. Haven’t worn them much but they’d developed big holes in them. Poor construction. Shame as they fit really well. Won’t buy another pair of Sauconys. You just get one chance with me. Also won’t take my car back to Bel Royal Motors for a service. Fucking guy claimed I needed new wipers but the wipers are fine. What a robbing cunt. Why are people such turds? Speaking of turds I was out drinking on Saturday night with Gilmour. Gilmour brought his friend along. His friend had never ever ever seen a man. A male. A male man drink a gin and tonic. I fucking love gin and tonic but this guy just couldn’t wrap his head around it. He was looking at me like I’d just fucking landed in a big dress and my method of transport was a parasol and I was here to look after some children. James was also out. And Tom.

Dan Romeril came out for one drink but left before Gilmour arrived. A shame, now Dan Romeril will never know what Gilmour thinks of his half-marathon time.

James was telling us that had dad had been swimming and had seen a fin pop out of the water next to him. “Was it Mika Hakkinen?” I asked but nobody laughed. Also none of them had heard of the cyclist Robert Miller. I found that odd.

We ate at the Boathouse. The fish soup was actually potato and leak so I won’t be going back there again. They all went to town at 11:30 pm. I didn’t go, instead I did some hill repeats up the hill to my house and then when I got home I was so desperate for a piss I did it in the garden.


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